What happened to the Rockies in July? Plus our DJ LeMahieu interview and Troy Tulowitski’s legacy in Denver

In episode number three, Drew is in Cincinnati with the Rockies, while Julie is back home in Denver. Right off the top, we talk about what the heck happened to the team in the month of July, and what the vibe was like in the clubhouse during that stretch. Drew offers his thoughts on how the team can get back track, and the players that will have to step up in order to achieve that. Also, with Troy Tulowitski recently retiring, we talk about the impact Tulo made in Denver.

Drew also had a chance to interview former Rockie DJ MeMahieu on the team’s visit to New York. While DJ loves being a Yankee, he admits he misses Denver and his teammates. We finish off the show with a game of “would you rather?” where Drew weighs in on if the Rockies should be buyers or sellers before the trade deadline, and we come up with a pretty darn good idea to add to baseball broadcasts. To contact Drew and Julie, or to purchase Drew’s book “If These Walls Could Talk,” just log onto their website at thedrewgoodmanpodcast.com or contact them directly on twitter @juliebrowman1 or @DrewGoodman42.

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Silver foxes, the Rockies most important player, and the Charlie Blackmon interview part 2. Plus, when will Charlie shave the beard?

We start off the conversation about why we call Rockies manager Buddy Black the silver fox, but quickly turn our attention to a couple of key questions. Who is the Colorado Rockies most important player of the season, and who is the most important Rockies player in the second half of the season? The conversation turns to both of us being totally annoyed with fans who boo the home team. And speaking of fans, which fan is more obnoxious? Cubs fan or Dodger fan? We hear part two of Drew’s interview with Charlie Blackmon where Charlie talks about missing DJ LeMahieu, and when he might shave his infamous beard. We finish off the episode with a look at the start of Broncos training camp and focus in on a couple of key questions. Will the Broncos be better and what does Joe Flacco have left in the tank? To contact Drew and Julie, just go to our website at thedrewgoodmanpodcast.com or contact us directly on twitter @juliebrowman1 or @drewgoodman42.

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Weird Todd Helton superstitions, Charlie Blackmon interview Part I, and why is Drew always late?

Drew and Julie reveal why they decided to do a podcast together, which in turn, results in a conversation about how Drew’s habit of being late freaks people out. In the second segment, we hear Drew’s interview with the Colorado Rockies Charlie Blackmon. Charlie reveals while he’s still intense, his approach to the game has mellowed out. Charlie also discloses, even though he’s one of the best players in the major’s, going thru a slump still sends his confidence straight downhill. Drew also expains why Charlie’s style of leadership is more important than ever. Julie and Drew finish off their inaugural show with a game of “this or that,” where we learn Drew has a healthy respect for the Giants Madison Bumgarner, and why he’s so proud of pitcher Jon Gray. For more information on The Drew Goodman Podcast, you can log onto their website at thedrewgoodmanpodcast.com or contact them directly on twitter @juliebrowman1 or @DrewGoodman42.

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