Weird Todd Helton superstitions, Charlie Blackmon interview Part I, and why is Drew always late?

Drew and Julie reveal why they decided to do a podcast together, which in turn, results in a conversation about how Drew’s habit of being late freaks people out. In the second segment, we hear Drew’s interview with the Colorado Rockies Charlie Blackmon. Charlie reveals while he’s still intense, his approach to the game has mellowed out. Charlie also discloses, even though he’s one of the best players in the major’s, going thru a slump still sends his confidence straight downhill. Drew also expains why Charlie’s style of leadership is more important than ever. Julie and Drew finish off their inaugural show with a game of “this or that,” where we learn Drew has a healthy respect for the Giants Madison Bumgarner, and why he’s so proud of pitcher Jon Gray. For more information on The Drew Goodman Podcast, you can log onto their website at or contact them directly on twitter @juliebrowman1 or @DrewGoodman42.