Why the 2019 season feels so disappointing, Kyle Freeland interview part one, and Drew may be the only person who doesn’t think Barry Bonds is a jerk.

We start off the episode with an ode to the Colorado Rockies Bark in the Park, and what a cool event it is. Speaking of dogs, it’s been a dog of a season for the Rockies. Julie and Drew weigh in on why the season feels different than past years. Drew had a chance to sit down with Rockies starter Kyle Freeland who opens up about how special it was to follow the Blake Street Bombers as a child. Kyle also fills us in on how he ended up being a pitcher, even though he was a pretty good hitter growing up. Kyle also admits why he has a chip on his shoulder, and the fact that he still gets nervous before starts. We finish the show off with a game of ten questions. The highlights include what goes through Drew’s head when some of the Rockies relievers come into the game lately, how much he would pay to meet Abe Lincoln, and his unusually pleasant interaction with Barry Bonds. To ask Julie and Drew a question, just log onto their website thedrewgoodmanpodcast.com or contact them directly on twitter @drewgoodman42 or @juliebrowman1