The ball may be juiced, but is that such a bad thing? Wade Davis probably thinks so, and speaking of Rockies pitchers, we bring you the Kyle Freeland interview part two. Plus, Drew may have the greatest horoscope you could ever hope for.

Drew and Julie start off by talking how unwise it is for Drew to run in 108 degree Arizona heat. We then talk about a pitcher who is on the hot seat himself, which woud be Wade Davis. The conversaton turns to the debate whether the ball is juiced, but Drew wonders if that’s a bad thing. We hear the Kyle Freeland episode part two where Kyle talks about his MLB debut at Coors Field, and his first post season appearance against the Cubs. We finish the show with a game, where Drew weighs in on the Broncos Emmanual Sanders and Bradley Chubb. We finish off with Julie reading Drew his horoscope, which isn’t a bad thing until Julie makes a key mistake in her wording. For more on the show go to or contact them directly on twitter @goody42 or @juliebrowman1