Our exclusive Nolan Arenado interview. How the game has slowed down for him, and what he expects from the team next season. His disappointment matches our disappointment. And speaking of disappointment….let’s talk Broncos.

We start off the episode with a conversation about in a season full of disappointment, who Drew is looking forward to seeing next season. Before we take a listen to our exclusive Nolan Arenado interview, Drew tells a fun story abut his ex neighbor, former Broncos offensive lineman, Mark Schlereth. In Drew’s interview with Nolan, Nolan points to patience as a reason for another successful season. However, despite his numbers this season, Nolan opens up about his disappointment of the season, and his desire to win. He asks the question, we all ask as Rockies fans, what kind of moves are the Rockies going to make next season so that this doesn’t happen again?  We end the interview with a discussion about the Broncos woes. From the window closing on the defense,  to continuous problems at left tackle with Garett Bowles, this team is in the hurt locker as they head to Green Bay. To contact Drew and Julie and have your question read on our podcast, just go to TheDrewGoodmanPodcast.com and head to the contact tab. Or contact us directly on twitter @DrewGoodman42 or @JulieBrowman1.