How far will the Rockies go to improve their pitching staff? Plus, our exclusive interview with Trevor Story, and do the Broncos have big time leadership issues?

We start off the podcast with a look at a player Drew is excited to see next season. In a season that’s been a bust, it’s nice to have something to look forward to, right? We also take a look at what we think the Rockies rotation will look like next season, including the possibility of the Rockies making a trade. Drew sits down with Trevor Story, who offers up his thoughts on the team’s frustrating season. We turn to football, as the Broncos loss to the Packers provided some interesting comments from Aaron Rodgers and Emmanuel Sanders. Slightly annoying from Rodgers, slightly concerning from Sanders. And how could we not have a conversation about NFL and college refs? They make it so easy for us! To ask us a question we’ll read on the podcast, please visit out website at or contact us directly on twitter @DrewGoodman42 and @JulieBrowman1