Drew is a meathead, our Mark Schlereth interview part one, and what the heck is going on at CSU?

Drew is two weeks into the off season, and we find out he’s been hitting the gym two times a day.   For Julie, this qualifies him as meathead status.  Drew gives his take on the trends of the MLB post season, and we discuss the Broncos win over the Chargers.  Besides Philip Lindsay, who impressed both Julie and Drew? And not that it’s anything to brag about, but it looks the Broncos are the best 1-4 NFL team we’ve seen in a long time. Drew sits down for part one of his interview with Mark Schlereth, where Mark talks about growing up in Alaska, and choosing the University of Idaho over the University of Hawaii.  Turning to college football, what the heck is going on with CSU and Mike Bobo?  We weigh in on Mel Tucker’s CU program, and finish off with some random questions about spiders, running naked down the street, and game 7’s in the NHL. Yes, we said random. To contact Drew and Julie, just go their website thedrewgoodmanpodcast.com and on twitter @drewgoodman42 and @juliebrowman1