Have you ever wanted to tell someone exactly what you really think of them? You’re going to want to listen to this podcast. Plus a one on one interview with CSU head coach Mike Bobo, who may in fact be off the hot seat.

A number of sports athletes have decided not to visit the White House when invited. Would you? And what would you say to the President if you were invited? Julie and Drew have a discussion about The Washington Nationals Sean Doolittle turning down the opportunity to celebrate his team’s World Series championship with President Trump in the White House. That turns into a discussion about telling people exactly what you think of them as both Julie and Drew have their own personal stories. They hop off their soap box and turn their attention to Nolan Arenado winning his seventh golden glove award, and Drew interviews CSU head coach Mike Bobo, who might be off the hot seat after CSU has won three straight games. To ask Julie and Drew a question, just go to their website thedrewgoodmanpodcast.com or contact them directly on twitter @drewgoodman42 or @juliebrowman1