Be careful what you say as a broadcaster, when do we push the panic button with Drew Lock, and should a man ever get a mani/pedi?

We start off the episode with a conversation about Don Cherry’s comments, and was it right to fire the long time broadcaster? Drew had a chance to go to a CU football game in Boulder, which leads into a conversation about how some CU students view athletics in their college town.  We talk a little NFL with which young quarterbacks are about to vault into NFL elite status, and which teams do we feel are elite enough to watch these days?  And It looks like it will be awhile until we see the Broncos use quarterback Drew Lock, but when do we as fans want to him him play? We finish off the podcast with a question every man should ask himself.  Is it okay to get a manicure and pedicure? To contact Drew and Julie, just go to or contact them directly on twitter @juliebrowman1 or @drewgoodman42.