Chris Forbes – Rockies Acting Director of Player Development

It’s been an outstanding post-season for Major League Baseball. There have been some wild lead changes, high drama and a few unlikely heroes. Drew is impressed with one of his favorite player’s post-season performance, Michael Brantley of the Astros. We’re headed towards the MLB free agency season and Drew has some favorites he’d like the Rockies to target including Kyle Schwarber currently of the Red Sox. And a the die hard Rockies fan that we know you are, we’ve got a thorough run down of the most exciting prospects in the Rockies system. Remember the names Rockies aficionados! The Avs are not off to a great start. Drew isn’t worried. You shouldn’t be either. Drew has some thoughts on the underachieving Broncos defense, the Buffs, the improving Rams and the upstart Falcons.

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